Trends in interiors are thankfully not as changeable or throwaway as the fashion industry – although influenced by it – but it’s fun to see what’s hot and what’s not.

Glad to be grey

There’s no sign of this popular neutral colour fading after usurping old favourites beige and magnolia. Well it is versatile, comes in many shades and acts as a great backdrop. It is classy and sophisticated and there’s tins of the stuff at all leading stores. Still, sage is tipped in some quarters as the new neutral.


There is still room to experiment with colour, think bold pigments of red, blue and green which are forecast to be hot this year. Will you be bold enough to go with the flow?


Probably not your grandma’s hand-me-downs, but new furniture in mid-century style is very much out there and finding an audience, especially with young professionals.

Dark furniture

Yes it’s making a comeback, but are we ready to give up our Scandi chic pale woods?

Totally tropical

The tropical influence continues. Not a fan of flamingos or pineapple inspired design?  Perhaps the lush greens and plant patterns on fabrics and homeware or tropical prints are more up your street.

Hot metal

If copper accessories weren’t to your taste, the word is that brass is making a comeback.


Think leather and velvet. How will this work for those who have embraced the industrial look?

Trends and forecasts are all very well but you don’t have to follow them. It’s your home, your choice.