Moving house can be stressful at the best of times. Add children in to the mix and the thought may put you off completely. There’s no reason for that though. Read on for our tips on moving with children and how to make it easier for them.

Talk about what’s happening

They may be young but children often know when something is afoot. Discuss the move with them and explain the process of what will happen.

*Top tip* Set up a calendar so they can count down the days until the move. A sense of anticipation and excitement may make them more accepting of the move.

Let them help

Packing up their bedroom around them can cause stress for children – cue panicking about where a specific toy or game is. Give your child a box and let them pack it with the special items they’ll want on their first day in the new home. Ask them to write their names on it with colourful pens.

Decorate with them

A new home and a new bedroom will mean new décor! Pop to the shops with your child and let them have a say in how their new room looks. Put photos and pictures up on the wall as soon as possible after the move. Familiarity will help a child settle sooner.

*Top tip* Before the move, let your child pick out a new duvet cover or pyjamas for their first night in the new home.

Visit their new school

Try and arrange a visit to their new school if applicable. The first day at their new school won't seem as daunting if they know what their teacher is going to look like.