There are many things that make us feel Christmassy but nothing seems to capture the imaginations as much as smell. Here are three easy ways to make your house smell great this season:

Cleaning products - it may not seem like an obvious choice, but more and more brands are creating seasonal scents for use when cleaning. Check out Zoflora’s Winter Spice scent or Orange and Cranberry. This disinfectant creates an inviting festive fragrance while ensuring the germs are kept at bay.

Candles - candles don’t just create a seasonal scent for your house, but as the evenings draw in they glow making your home feel even cosier.

Reed diffusers – diffusers have grown in popularity, with a shape, size and scent to suit every home and budget. They are also a safer option if you have children around the house and don’t want open flames. TIP: Don’t forget to twist the reeds every couple of weeks to help the scent last longer