Moving day is finally here! Now is the time to check you have absolutely everything ready to go. Here’s our handy checklist to ensure you don’t miss anything.

Leaving your old home:

  • Record all utility metre readings for water, electricity and gas. Take a photo of all with your phone just to make sure.

  • Strip the beds and pack all bedding and curtains.

  • Ensure one person stays until the movers are ready to leave.

  • Check all windows are secure and all utilities turned off.

  • Leave all keys as arranged for the new owners.

Arrival at your new home:

  • Get the kettle on and snacks out for the movers and family.

  • Confirm what is to be moved where.

  • Account for each item on your inventory and only sign when you are happy.

  • Unpack your survival kit.

  • Place moving and important documents in a safe place where they can be accessed easily.

  • Read utility metres and take a photo.

  • Check all keys for the property work.

  • If the previous owners have left items, put them in a box to be delivered or picked up at a later date.

When you are moved in:

  • Do a clean and tidy and make beds.

  • Plug in larger appliances, telephones and other essentials.

  • Familiarise yourself with the boiler and heating so that you can all have warm water and warmth in the evening.

  • Try to relax, there will be plenty to do for a few days/ weeks so don’t burn yourself out now!