With all of the excitement and chaos that comes with moving house, it’s easy to forget about the implications it may have on your pets’ well-being and overall happiness. We’ve prepared a short guide to help you with the preparations.

Prior to Moving Day

It’s always best to be prepared and in the midst of everything else you’ve got to do before a move, take time to purchase a new tag for your dog’s collar. This will often become a task that gets put to the end of your list.

Moving Day

The day of the move is stressful for everyone so you may want to consider putting your dog into kennels or book them in with their regular dog sitter. This way, they will be out of the way and less of a worry for you. You may even have friend or family member who would be happy to look after them for a few hours. If you choose to keep them around on the day, there are many steps you can take to ensure they have a stress-free day. To make sure they don’t become an inconvenience to the removal company and you, we would recommend keeping them secure in a room that you won’t need to put anything in for a while. Put their bed in there with familiar toys and a blanket from your old house. Ensure they are well watered and have plenty of opportunities to go outside to do their business. Nominating someone to keep an eye on the dog may be a good idea.

New Surroundings

Deciding where to put furniture, crockery and other ornaments can take weeks once you’ve moved house as it might not feel right for a while. It’s worth noting, your dog may feel the same when it comes to their bed and water bowl. Perhaps try out a few different locations if you can, to ensure they feel as comfortable as possible. Depending on how long you have been at your previous property, it is likely your dog knows exactly where it was and what surrounded them. It will take them some time to get used to their new location and the new walking route. If your dog walk location is changing with the move, ensure they are kept on the lead for the first couple of times to allow sufficient time for them to get used to it.

New Smells

A dog’s sense of smell is quite phenomenal, in fact they have around 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses, compared to about six million in ours. The new smells that a new home brings will inevitably send them into a slightly confused state, often resulting in over excitement or withdrawal. Surrounding them with familiar smells and toys will comfort them and enable them to gently ease into their new home.


If your dog is microchipped, don’t forget to get in touch with the company and inform them of the new address. You can often do this online or get in touch with your vets, they will be able to arrange the amendment. We know that our furry friends are part of the family, but it is easy to forget about their needs when you move house.

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