It may have taken a hit from the fashion for emulsion paint, but wallpaper is a design option that continues to stick around and grow a generation of new fans.

That’s not surprising when you see how it can make a home more beautiful, stylish and welcoming, whether bursting with life or a calm oasis. It can create atmosphere, be classic or contemporary, add colour, texture and ambience and all without breaking the bank.

With wallpaper there is choice and quality at your fingertips to transform rooms and create special spaces.

Whether it is a chic living room, a cosy relaxed bedroom or a child’s colourful play room, there is a wallpaper style and print to suit. No wonder it’s enjoying a renaissance.

From botanical prints to geometric patterns, big blossoms to subtle floral designs, textured fabrics to metallic finishes, they are a visual treat. You can cover a wall in trees, city landscapes, bare bricks or shelves full of books through wallpaper design.

Before choosing your design, think about the mood you wish to create and order samples in as large a size as possible to give you more of an idea of how it will look.

Depending on your style – and sense of adventure - you can opt to wallpaper one feature wall or as many as take your fancy. There’s even removable wallpaper if you want to leave your options open and wallpapers that can withstand extra moisture so they are suitable for kitchens and bathrooms.

Before wallpapering you’ll need to seal freshly plastered walls with wall sealer to improve the adhesion of the wallpaper paste. Lining the walls with lining paper is also advisable as this prevents the new wallpaper from shrinking when it’s hung and helps to disguise an uneven or cracked wall to give a smooth finish.

If you need to brush up your wallpapering skills there are plenty of online tutorials for guidance.

Good luck; just roll with it and give full rein to your interior design talents.

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