There is nothing quite like getting your home layout, look and feel just right, and it can be so satisfying to make your space look fresh without having to make any big purchases or employ anybody to do it for you.

But how do you go about making those styling changes that will make all the difference in your home?

  1. Find your inspiration

Inspiration can be found almost anywhere. Try creating a Pinterest board or collect magazine cuttings, objects, photographs and anything that takes your fancy and store together in a folder at home. This will help you to focus your thoughts in order to find a style you like.

  1. Make a style brief

Ask yourself what it is about the images and items you collected that you like. What patterns, colours and textures do you love? Once you have decided what stands out for you, write yourself a brief. Once you start shopping and styling, always make sure the items you are looking at fit your brief.

  1. Make yourself a mood board

Pinterest is great, but having wallpaper and fabric swatches, along with colour charts and anything else you can put on a board, means you can get a real feel of how things go together, and whether you really like that pattern or texture with that colour fabric.

  1. Assess the space

Take your time in observing the room, or rooms, you want to decorate. This is where your mood board will come in handy. See how the light makes the colours look, and work out the practicalities of having certain fabrics and textures in your space. Make sure you consider how the room will be used when deciding on design.

  1. Focus on the larger items

Decide on the larger items in your room and then get them in place. Then you can have fun with the accessories and other furniture.

  1. Mix old and new

Whether your space is completely new or you are making changes to a room that has been the same for years, make sure you don’t just fill it with brand new furniture and accessories. Mixing vintage pieces with new soft furnishings or adding in hints of retro to a pristine kitchen will look much more interesting, and will make the room more individual to you.

  1. Texture is key

Colour is important, but don’t forget to include texture in your design, whether that is through fabric or the accessories you add to your room afterwards.